Premium Quality

Premium Quality

Procepts Nutrition is dedicated to providing premium quality, pure, simple, nutritional supplements, carefully preserving the raw nutrition of our prime quality meats, and ensuring they are free from all artificial additives and allergens.

Prime Meat & Welfare

All of our organ meats are carefully selected from the highest quality, free-range sources.

Our bovine products are from Procepts' proprietary farm sources in the United Kingdom, Europe and New Zealand. Our grass-fed cattle are reared as nature intended, without the use of growth-promoting hormones or antibiotics. For most of the year they are free to range on open grass pastures and whilst protected indoors during the winter months, they are fed naturally fermented grass (silage).

Our porcine meats are from Procepts' proprietary high-welfare farms in the United Kingdom, where our pigs are raised without the use of growth-promoting hormones or antibiotics. The animals are born outdoors and reared on natural grass pastures, before being brought into large straw-filled barns. They are always free to roam, socialise in groups, and to express their natural rooting behaviours.

Straw Barn Housed Pigs
Freeze Drying Lyophilisation of Thyroid and Adrenal Glands


All of our meats are first prepared by manually removing as much connective tissue and fat as possible. In contrast to some other manufacturers, we do not use heat, chemical solvents or enzymes to remove these fats. We believe these techniques risk polluting the final product and damage the nutritional value by removing many of the fat soluble vitamins, lipids and lipoproteins from the meat.

At Procepts, nothing is removed from our meat. The raw meat is cleaned, frozen and freeze-dried (lyophilised) at low temperatures to carefully preserve and concentrate all of the natural protein constituents. Although more expensive, we insist on freeze-drying to ensure these protein components are not damaged or denatured by some of the more common heat-based desiccating techniques.

The freeze-dried meat is then ground by gentle, low temperature methods to ensure a fine powder, suitable for blending and encapsulation.


We care about the purity and simplicity of our products, which are free from all artificial additives and common food allergens. Our organ meats are blended with a complementary, synergistic complex of ribonucleotides and rice bran, with the rice bran ensuring that each capsule is properly filled for consistent and reliable dosing.

Our products are all then encapsulated in pure gelatine or vegetable cellulose capsules, using additional laboratory testing to confirm the identity, quality and microbial safety of the freeze-dried meats in each batch of product.

Throughout the entire process, we are defined by our attention to detail, the supreme quality of our original organ meats, our careful preservation of the raw nutritional value, and the simplicity and purity of our final products.

Finished Metavive & Adrenavive Capsules Collection