About Us

About Us

At Procepts Nutrition, we believe organ meats have an important role to play in human health. We produce a range of premium quality, professional strength food supplements, that utilise the concentrated nutritional power of speciality organ-meats.

Nutritional Meats

Throughout human history, meat has played an important role in the diet of almost all cultures, providing a rich source of protein, fats and fat soluble vitamins, minerals and other co-factors that complement a largely vegetable-based diet.

In many cultures, the heart, liver and kidneys have been prized for their health-giving properties, but modern preferences for prime cuts of beef, lamb, pork and chicken have seen a decline in consumer demand for these organ meats. While prime cuts of meat are an excellent source of protein, they lack many of the nutritional factors unique to specific glands and organ meats.

At Procepts Nutrition, we provide these dietary factors through our range of premium quality, carefully preserved food supplements. Each of our freeze-dried organ meats and glands provides a highly specific and complex nutritional package, as a unique blend of naturally-occurring proteins, nucleotides, enzymes, nucleoproteins and fats, vitamins and minerals. Together, these nutritional factors provide the ideal raw materials for helping to maintain the equivalent healthy human organ.

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Protein Chemical Molecules

Nucleotide Nutrition

Nucleotides are the building blocks of DNA and RNA. As such, they are needed by all cells of the human body, particularly during periods of regeneration, growth and repair. Nucleotides are also involved in cellular energy production, help to mediate cellular signalling and regulate certain enzymes, along with many other cellular functions.

The body has an ability to produce small amounts of nucleotides itself, as well as to salvage them from old, non-functional cells. However, in tissues which normally have a high cellular turnover (e.g. in the gut, the production of immune cells, or in athletes), or when environmental stressors normally generate an increased demand (e.g infection or injury), then these synthesis and salvage pathways may not be sufficient to supply adequate amounts of nucleotides to the body. So depending on current circumstances, additional nucleotides derived from the diet can become essential for the body.

Historically, organ meats and fermented foods were the richest natural sources of nucleotides in the diet. As such, the purified complex of all four primary nucleotides now added to all of our formulae, perfectly complements our premium quality organ meats.