Procepts Nutrition

New Generation Organ Meats

Procepts Nutrition is a range of premium quality, professional strength organ meat supplements, providing the nutritional power of speciality organ meats as pure, concentrated food sources for their equivalent human organ or glands.

Freeze-Dried Free-Range Meat

Our organ meats are carefully selected from the highest quality, free-range sources. Nothing is removed during the preservation process. The raw meat is simply cleaned, frozen and freeze-dried at very low temperatures, to carefully preserve and concentrate all of the natural protein constituents, providing a unique blend of proteins, enzymes, nucleoproteins, fats, vitamins and minerals, specific to that organ or gland.

No Artificial Additives

Our final formulae are pure, simple and free from all artificial additives and common allergens. Our organ meats are blended with a complementary, synergistic complex of ribonucleotides and rice bran, then enclosed in a simple, vegetable cellulose capsule.

Finished Metavive & Adrenavive Capsules Close Up

Discover our most popular supplements – Metavive as our whole desiccated thyroid product range, and Adrenavive as our range of desiccated whole adrenal and adrenal cortex products.